Support to companies

Support to companies

LEARN provides support to companies to measure, report and verify emissions and use data to make decisions. Dowload the call for participation flyer for more information. We identified three focus areas:

•    Guidelines for methodology application and verification combined with reporting templates
•    Training courses in three languages for carriers, logistics service providers and cargo owners
•    Blueprint of a label to reward companies based on consistent emissions accounting and reduction efforts, building on existing labels

How do the GLEC Framework, calculation tools, green freight programs and the LEARN project complement each other?

The GLEC Framework is a global standard methodology framework to enable calculation of GHG emissions consistently across the global logistics supply chain. The components that comprise the GLEC Framework can be embedded in green freight programs (such as SmartWay or Lean and Green) and calculation tools (such as EcoTransIT and Lean and Green Analytics). The proposed levels of data maturity and overall conformance with the Framework (entry - bronze/silver/gold - platinum) that are proposed for a GLEC Framework assurance scheme are consistent with the Lean and Green program. 

The LEARN project builds on and seeks to improve the GLEC Framework and supplements what happens in green freight programs and with calculation tools. A key activity is testing and validating logistics emissions measurement, verification and reporting with companies through ‘test beds’. Participating companies fall into two groups: newcomers and advanced companies. First, newcomers want to learn how emissions accounting using the GLEC Framework works. Second, more advanced companies can run a test bed to assess specific elements of emissions accounting, e.g. how to treat distances or include transhipment centers. Therefore, companies that are members of green freight programs like Lean and Green or SmartWay can also participate in LEARN when they have a specific challenge with emissions accounting or if they want to introduce partners/carriers to emissions accounting who have not had a previous exposure. 

Results from LEARN test beds will feed into developing the GLEC Framework 2.0. Results will also be used to improve how emissions are reflected in labels (such as those used by green freight programs), develop training courses for businesses and other stakeholders, and give recommendations for supportive policy and research. LEARN partners work closely with related organizations, initiatives and already existing networks to maximize business uptake of carbon accounting and reduction.



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