Intermodal Freight Transport: Innovations & Relevant Solutions Summit

Intermodal Freight Transport: Innovations & Relevant Solutions Summit | 18-19 October 2018 | Hamburg, Germany 

Intermodal Freight Transport: Innovations & Relevant Solutions Summit 

Intermodal freight transport, combining advantages of different modes, is destined to promote more efficient transport solutions and is driven on by the prevailing trend towards digitalization. The Intermodal Freight event will focus mostly on transportation, logistics, and supply chain management, becoming a platform for networking and enhancing business for all stakeholders from different economic sectors and countries. It will cover key aspects of each industry as well as all modes of transportation including sea, rail, road, air, and inland waterways.

Delegates represent cargo owners and their providers from transportation and logistics, supply chain management, rail and sea freight, port management and operations, finance and private equity, Internet of Things, Big Data, and tracking.

Nicolette van der Jagt of CLECAT will be presenting on intermodal transport from the perspective of freight forwarders.

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